Hi, how’s it going?

We’re looking forward to meeting you. We think you might be nervous or not sure what to expect so we have explained some stuff below to reassure you. These sessions are ALL for you!

What is The Snug?

The Snug is our cosy room in Norwich. This is where you will come for your session. It’s big enough to make some big moves and small enough to feel safe and supported.

What will happen in a session?

We will get to know you and help you feel comfortable.  There are no expectations from us about what the session will look like. It’s about finding techniques that FEEL good not look good-there is no right or wrong! What a relief!

As the sessions go on, we will give you the opportunity to explore what you need through movement, breath work, meditation and relaxation.

How will it help me?

We believe that you know yourself and what you need, we just want to help you work out what that is! We will support you to explore BIG emotions and feelings in your body and help you find the best ways to soothe and calm yourself.

What do other people think?

We have shared this approach with lots of young people. This is what they think:

“Some people don’t know how to move their body freely because they are too busy. But if you can, I promise you will do it forever like me.”

“M has been having sessions with Gemma for a third of her life and still can’t wait for the next one!”

“A space to fill, or a place to be still.”

What did you think of your session? We’d love to hear from you!

Let’s Chat!

Let’s Chat!