We love hearing feedback from young people and their parents who we’ve helped with our services. Take a look below at some of the kind words they’ve sent us.

I really like my sessions at The Snug, we talk and laugh and do some yoga! Gemma always listens and gets how I am feeling. I have lots of techniques I can use with my breathing and my mum always says I often go in tired and anxious but come out smiling and feeling lighter.

B – Age 15

Rebecca has shown an exceptionally patient understanding of my daughter’s needs that has helped them to develop a trusting and reciprocal relationship allowing meaningful movement and expression within the sessions This has benefitted my daughter’s physical and mental health hugely. My daughter looks forward to her sessions every week.


Rebecca and Gemma came into school to work with small group and individuals using movement therapy as a tool to support well being and address the needs of some more complex children suffering with self esteem, behavioural and mental health problems. The children loved their sessions and the feedback from parents and class teachers showed what a positive affect they sessions had had on the children. Some who were previously struggling to access leaning in the classroom were able to develop strategies to help them engage fully with learning opportunities. We would highly recommend them! 

Teacher and Wellbeing Lead.

The Snug is such a calming and positive environment where we can both truly relax when normally I’m on high alert at all times and D is anxious and unpredictable. There is never any pressure or expectation and I’ve lost count of the times I’ve cried during our sessions as it’s not often we allow ourselves that release and I know that D is safe and happy.

We’ve both learnt a lot this year and D has exceeded my expectations every single week. We are learning all-round well being with practical tips to use at home without judging or placing blame. Gemma and Rebecca have a real understanding of what she does and of special educational needs and disabilities.

After sessions at The Snug, C says “I feel really relaxed after yoga and it helps my Tourettes – I don’t squeak as much. C’s mum says that at home C is really enthusiastic about yoga, we bought him a yoga mat so he can practice. He says it helps him to relax at home – he’s always giving us demonstrations.

E engaged with his 1:1 yoga sessions and enjoyed his one hour per week where he could be somewhere quiet and learn some practical techniques that he could use to help him cope when he was feeling overwhelmed in the classroom and outside. His self-awareness increased week by week and he started to build more strength, coordination and confidence. He now enjoys moving his body, with no pressure on him to be ‘good’ at it. He learned his yoga sequence off my heart, he began to understand the science behind his ‘meltdowns’ and then could control his emotions more easily. When asked how yoga has helped him, he replied, “I’m just too relaxed to say”.

We first met Gemma and Rebecca at a coffee morning run by a special needs charity I volunteer for and I knew straight away it was something I would like to do with my son. D is non-verbal, autistic and has a rare chromosomal syndrome and many sensory processing issues and violent challenging behaviour. Since starting yoga a year ago the change in him has been remarkable, he is able to regulate his breathing and has the skills to calm his mind and body.

Child D’s grandmother says that D is more positive; he feels the yoga is helping him. Generally he is calmer and more positive, he is happier and he gets it” Grandma said, “nothing’s a miracle but every little bit helps.

I can HIGHLY recommend this Yoga Therapy Service. I have a 13 year old son, E who is diagnosed with ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Sensory needs. At the age of 7 E was in a very dark place and hated school. Rebecca Earle was working at E’s school at the time and her approach turned his life around. E started Yoga Therapy with Rebecca in 2018 and continues to see her on a weekly basis. I highly recommended this as an approach to support the many needs our children have. This therapy really is about the whole child. My son trusts Rebecca implicitly and she is the only adult he is able to confide in. She has created a safe space in which E is able to express who he is without judgement.

E is an extraordinarily intelligent 10 year old boy who struggles with social, emotional regulation and communication at school. He can name the highest mountains and volcanoes in the world in numerical order by heart and he creates incredible magical mythical lands and draws detailed maps to illustrate his ideas. He reports that he doesn’t have any friends at school and prefers to sit separately from his peers and play alone at lunchtime. He is sensitive to noise and other sensory stimuli and finds the classroom overwhelming which sometimes leads to having meltdowns. He chooses not to engage with any form of physical education at school as he doesn’t like to be in a competition. When E was invited to practise yoga at first he was not keen at all. However, when the science of yoga was explained to him, i.e. the physiological effects of the breath and movements on the human nervous system, then he was willing to try.

Every child is unique. We’d love to hear your experience so far and see how we can help. 

Every child is unique. We’d love to hear your experience so far and see how we can help. 

Every child is unique. We’d love to hear your experience so far and see how we can help. 

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